I'm Arnau Amargant. I live in Barcelona, where I build the future.

I am a driven and forward-thinking DevOps professional with a keen focus on continuous improvement and innovation. I am deeply immersed in the realm of infrastructure development and automation. My expertise spans across orchestrating scalable and resilient architectures/services in cloud environments, with a strong emphasis on infrastructure as code and configuration management.

I strongly believe in continuous learning and improving myself, so I try my best to learn in any situation possible, favorable or not.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I enjoy Padel tennis, sports in general, and snowboarding – my greatest passion. There's something special about being amidst the serene landscapes of the mountains that energises me, both physically and mentally.


Tools, technologies and gadgets I use on a daily/weekly basis (non exhaustive).


terraformTerraform - Infrastructure as Code

ansibleAnsible - Software provisioning and configuration

pythonPython - Programming Language

gnuBash - Scripting language

jenkinsJenkins - Automation Server

redhatOpenShift - Orchestration platform

kubernetesKubernetes - Container Orchestration platform

dockerDocker - Container runtime

linuxLinux - Linux commands

prometheusPrometheus - Monitoring system

grafanaGrafana - Visualisation platform

Kafka - Event Streaming platform

helmHelm - Package manager

couchbaseCouchbase - Distributed database

jfrogJFrog - Artifactory

typescriptlangTypescript - Programming language


Visual Studio Code - Text Editor

iterm2iTerm2 - Terminal

icloudNotes - Notes

mozillaFireFox - Web Browser

dockerDocker Desktop - Docker app


Google Cloud - Cloud Computing Services

Amazon Web Services - Cloud Computing Services

Azure - Cloud Computing Services

githubGithub - Version Control

bitbucketBitbucket - Version Control

atlassianJira - Agile Project Management Tool

atlassianConfluence - Corporate Wiki

spotifySpotify - Music Streaming


appleMacBook Pro M1 - Work laptop

appleMacBook Pro i7 - Personal laptop