DevOps Engineer, Automation Wizard & Cloud Dweller

I'm Arnau Amargant, an experienced DevOps/SRE professional driven by a relentless passion for learning and a profound interest for emerging technologies. With years of hands-on experience in the field, I thrive in dynamic environments where innovation is at the forefront.

Work Experience

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DesOps/SRE, ensuring full time availability of 2 containerised multi-instance applications deployed globally with Kubernetes in GCP and AWS, soon in Azure.

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OS Sistemes i comunicacions

Software Engineer Intership

Designed a C#-based software solution for an automated cash payment machine, employing a layered architecture and integrating backend MySQL Databases.

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IT support

Computer Technician: Perform hardware repairs, upgrades, and cloning while providing efficient helpdesk support and incident resolution.

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Sys Audit Analyst

Validation of computer information systems in accordance to industry-specific regulations. Composing extensive documentation assuring and proving that the functioning of a system aligns with the requirements.

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Lighting Technician

Design and program lighting sequences for live concerts, while also handling maintenance and repair tasks to ensure uninterrupted performances.